iris analysis

The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul

There is more truth to the saying "The Eyes Are The Windows To The Soul"

Did you know that your eyes can reveal a lot of things? Not only  about your health, and what diet and nutritional needs you have to maintain optimum health. But also what personality traits you have, relationship attractions, certain gifts and skills you can utilize with the right kind of advice.

Brown eyed and blue-eyed people have different constitutional strengths and weaknesses. Also within the iris of the eye there are a variety of traits, such as different colored dots, lines and colors that are all indicative of certain things going on in the body. And  these can be instrumental in pinpointing what you can do yourself to maintain optimum health. An iris-Analysis is a non-intrusive and quick way to finding out how you can understand the "tool-box" you were born with.

What Iris Type are You?

Find out whether you are the Creative And Emotional Type that can be the life of the party, 

Or perhaps you are more the Analytical, Thinking Type who's quick witted mind loves finding solutions.

Or, perhaps you may possess  more of the Intuitive Feeling Doing traits that make you  into a very practical orientated hands on person?

And maybe you may have all of the above and finally appreciate why the world at times is not quite ready for your visionary gifts and boundless energy?

What your Eyes Reveal

An Iris-Analysis give you valuable insights - literally! - on what areas in your body need support, what diet and supplements would suit you best and more.

Pease contact Dewi Bone at That Healing Touch if you like to find out how you can look after your health and well-being in a holistic and natural way.